Alice Coming Down (2016) Forthcoming Experimental Theatre Project written by Berglind Thrastardottir. 

Alice falls down the rabbit hole but bumps into the doorman before she gets to the bottom.

An absurd, surrealistic tale fusing references, symbols and metaphors from a well-known children's tale with the story of contemporary queer (Berghain) club culture of Berlin.

The project addresses the disorienting yet liberating allure of Berlin to a displaced youth generation and all the generational idiosyncrasies contained therein.  Alice a confused yet curious new Berlin transplant bumps into the a group of invisible regulars, they have been waiting for her, for her idea. But, Alice doesn't have any ideas yet that's why she's here.  Anyway, it's of no consequence the regulars implore because the best ideas are to be had tomorrow and the priority is of course to celebrate her idea today, allowing space for it's arrival tomorrow, surely it's already on it's way.


3 Excerpts from Scene 1: