My work is heavily influenced by my psychological training and uses creative mediums to access and initiate collective introspection. I write narratives that are living artworks and their media become known to me within the creative process. Instead of directly using anecdotes that reference my subjective experience of the world, my work attempts to subtly subvert reality, taking the viewer out of a familiar context and stripping them of pretext for judgement. If the viewer believes the characters in the narrative exist in an alternate reality the distance between viewer/character abruptly shrinks. The focus can shift from seeking boxes to categorize the character away from oneself into to an experiential fluidity with a directional, inward momentum. This facilitates an interaction with the subconscious mind of the audience, allowing space for the absurdity of our constructed parallel identities to take shape. My work ultimately derives it’s philosophical strength from the human condition to understand something only through the personal and subjective. Thus, we can bring people together in an examination of how deep cultural influences plant themselves in us, not in order to change them per say, but that observation-oriented introspection is just a beginning, full of potential, whether or although these collective identities continue to reside, co-exist harmoniously, or dissonantly in our personalities until we die.
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