Elves, Trolls, and Werewolves

Director: Berglind Þrastardóttir, Director of Photography: Alina Albrecht

This project is seeking involvement to shoot in April 2019!
Please contact berglind@dffb.de to see the full treatment.

 “There aren’t many trees in Iceland, people tell stories about the Vikings who chopped the trees down for firewood, but even before the Vikings my teacher said that Iceland was warmer and did have trees…but it got colder, and the glacier Vatnajokull grew and it buried a great forest underneath it. Now, the glacier is melting, and we try to bring the forests back by planting trees, but with the forests there will be a creature that comes back too, at least that’s what Johann keeps saying.”

-Þröstur (Elves, Trolls and Werewolves)

Þröstur is 7 years old, his older sister Dagný is 13. After hearing the myths of werewolves returning to Iceland, Þröstur has more to worry about than just the elves and trolls. On one full-moon night Þröstur wakes with a start and sees Dagný’s bed is empty, he goes to her bedside to find blood spots on her bedsheets, and he hears her crying downstairs. Þröstur believes his sister is becoming a werewolf. 

In a world where PMS is a certain curse, and women only ‘suffer’ under their periods each month. This film explores a new perspective through a young boy partitioned off from his sisters bodily changes by his impending manhood.

What if we lived in a world that valued these hormonal fluctuations that sometimes manifest as emotional volatility?

What if these mysterious misunderstood changes into womanhood were a key to a superpower, and the map containing the answer is buried under a slowly melting glacier.